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Aug 22


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Yas bitch get into the progression.

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why do you guys still give attention to james franco he’s look like a half bitten apple all oxidized and rusted n shit i’m here for dave :)


New Music: Drake - Views From The Six Ft. E Batt

"You must remember waking up in Paris with the blunt. You must remember fucking me like anytime you want. What made us want to act like we were married for two weeks. Now we back in California we don’t even speak that a no no. Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve the action. Plus you get more paper that I do. That shit attractive. Things that make me miss ya. Where Jen & Melissa? Tell the squad I said waddup girl"

Drake’s love for Rihanna has reached a new level….




Why is being told that Marilyn Manson removed his lower two ribs so he could suck his own dick in middle school like a common thing why is that an experience every American child goes through i just don’t

federal mandates on standardized testing necessitate that all children nationally be taught certain curriculum at particular grade levels

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shout out to all the mutuals that are still following me even though our blog styles are totally different now

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living in a hypersexualized world is actually very spiritually exhausting and alienating 

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