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Apr 16

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Being an adult is so disenchanting sometimes.  I have my own place and i can do whatever i want and be whoever i want and style myself however i want, except that i can’t afford it and i don’t have time for it because i’m working to survive so that i can work so i can survive so i can work.  That’s a silly life and i need to figure something out.

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When your favorite song comes on - Vine by Jae Bass


Lindsay Lohan switches to the other side of the street when spotting a Lady Gaga billboard while Tyler Oakley sneaks up on her

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get that shit outta here with your weak ass mullet


get that shit outta here with your weak ass mullet

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i didn’t see no blood moon


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AU: Zayn is in danger of being kidnapped by Macklemore. He pleads Obama to stop the rapper from doing him any harm but another unexpected celebrity comes to his aid. Harry’s estranged mother, The Christ Warrior, encourages Macklemore to pray his evil thoughts away. Macklemore laughs at her…then he strikes. He breaks into Zayn’s house and kidnaps him while Janet is asleep. Janet awakens to find that Zayn is missing and there are no clues to where he went besides a dirty, musty, crusty old fur coat that smelled of undeserved Grammys. 

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