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in a past life I was a golden girl

mis fotos

Jul 25


Amy Winehouse tearing up while doing an acoustic performance of "Love Is A Losing Game" (x)

@trejeanmusic: SNIPPET OF FIFTH HARMONY’S NEW SINGLE🎤 “Reflection” @normanikordei

Omg it’s finally Friday!

Omg it’s finally Friday!

  • Me: Instantly jumps to worst possible conclusion.

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i really wanna be in a movie but on the other hand, i’d probably make them delete the every scene because i looked bad

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Remember sister c?


can we just start a movement where we go to male politicians events and we ask them sexist questions like “if you are elected who will take care of the kids” and “what designer are you wearing tonight” “do you think that your stunted and constipated male emotions will affect your decision making”

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